Brown making his case for Conservative leadership

patrick brown

While Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre has been drawing in crowds by the thousands, one of his rivals taking a different approach to the campaign.
Patrick Brown, the mayor of the Greater Toronto Area city of Brampton, has been criss-crossing the country, making his case to leaders in Muslim, Tamil and Nepalese communities to sell memberships as a way to have a better stake in the party.
Some of what Brown is promising is shown in videos and clips from some of these meetings, which have been shared on Facebook by those who attended.
In one meeting with Muslim leaders in British Columbia, Brown says his path to victory isn't by winning over the current membership base, which he says favours Poilievre because they have a ``hard-right'' bend.
Instead, he says what needs to do is sell thousands of new memberships.
During another meeting with Muslim leaders last week in Calgary, Brown told the room that ``if you show up, I win.''
A spokesman for Brown's campaign says he's working to repair the damage done in cultural communities by the party in 2015 when it pushed a bill banning face covering during citizenship ceremonies and vowed to establish a tip line for so-called 'barbaric cultural practices.'

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