Conservative Party of Canada raised $26.4 million in 2021

Erin O'Toole

New figures show the Conservative Party of Canada raised the most money of any federal party in 2021, bringing in 26.4 million dollars in donations during a tumultuous year.
Audited financial statements filed with Elections Canada show that's just shy of six million dollars more than the party raised in 2020.
The number of people who gave money to the Tories -- 95 thousand -- was up by about five thousand year-over-year.
Justin Trudeau's Liberals brought in 18.1 million dollars from 75-thousand-800 donors.
That's about three million more than in 2020.
Both parties also took on large loans in 2021, with the Liberals borrowing 30 million from six lenders, and the Conservatives taking out a 29-million-dollar loan that was repaid in full early in 2022.
The Bloc Quebecois raised about half a million more in 2021, with 11 thousand, 300 donors giving a total of two million dollars.
The N-D-P and Green Party annual statements are not yet publicly available.

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