Experts say Pierre Poilievre's proposed bail reform is not constitutionally sound


Experts looking at Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre's proposed bail reforms say the plan isn't constitutionally sound and is an example of the Opposition Leader playing politics.
Poilievre says if he is elected, his government will require repeat violent offenders who are newly arrested for violent crimes to remain behind bars throughout their trial without accessing bail.
But the Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees that anyone who is charged with a crime will not be denied reasonable bail without just cause.
Nicole Myers, a Queen's University sociologist, says Poilievre is trying to exploit public fears following high-profile instances of crime and his slogan of ``jail, not bail'' is misguided.
Myers says Canada's bail system is not lenient and in many of the country's prisons, more people are detained waiting trial than have actually been sentenced to jail time.
She says Poilievre's plan would lead to more innocent people being held behind bars and cause further delays to court proceedings.

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