Ford in Niagara promising South Niagara Hospital and twin for Skyway

ford diodati

Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford was in Niagara again today.

Ford was in Niagara Falls promising to to get shovels in the ground this year for the new South Niagara Hospital, “Only the Ontario PCs will get shovels in the ground and deliver a hospital in Niagara that families in the region deserve,” 

The PC leader also spent time talking about his parties plan to twin the Garden City Skyway, "For anyone here that has been stuck on that skyway during rush hour, well that's not going to happen any longer. We'll have Toronto going one way, Niagara traffic going the other and it's going to alleviate a lot of traffic."

Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati was also on hand to endorse Ford for the upcoming election.

Diodati issued this statement, “With Niagara Falls and the region’s population growing faster than ever before, Doug Ford has proven he can get the important infrastructure projects that we need to grow our communities across the finish line. His government is continuously helping us behind the scenes on key projects like daily GO train service to Niagara and the South Niagara Hospital, which are game-changers for the future of our region. Our Premier is easy to work with, will ensure Niagara Falls gets to the next level and is the right person to get the job done!”

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