Homicides in Canada hit highest level in nearly 30 years

homicide memorial nova scotia

Statistics Canada says the mass killing in Nova Scotia and the COVID-19 pandemic helped push the number of homicides nationally in 2020 to its highest level in nearly 30 years.
The new survey says 743 homicides were reported by Canadian police in 2020, the most since 1991.
The figure includes the 22 victims of a gunman's rampage that began in Portapique, Nova Scotia in April of last year.
As a result, the overall number of homicides was 56 more than in 2019, pushing Canada's homicide rate up by seven per cent -- from 1.83 homicides per 100-thousand population in 2019 to 1.95 per 100-thousand in 2020.
The survey says that is the highest national homicide rate since 2005.
Statistics Canada also notes the ``profound impacts on Canadian society of the COVID-19 pandemic.''
It says the associated societal and economic changes contributed to a shift in crime patterns across Canada.

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