Liberals plan ``buck-a-ride'' transit plan

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The Ontario Liberals are promising to cut transit fares across the province to $1 per ride, if elected.
They say the election pledge would cost $1.1 billion next year and could take 400,000 cars off the road each day.
Leader Steven Del Duca says this is a way to address the affordability crisis, saving a commuter taking the GO train from Whitby to Toronto more than $300 a month, for example.
The Liberals are dubbing their plan ``buck-a-ride,'' a reference to a popular part of Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford's 2018 platform to offer ``buck-a-beer.''
The Liberals say the $1 fares would apply to every transit system in Ontario, including GO Transit, municipal transit services and Ontario Northland service.
They promise to replace the transit systems' lost revenue, as well as invest an additional $375 million in annual transit operating funding to support more routes, extended hours of service, accessibility and intercity connections.

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