Millions of bees found dead in Niagara

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A devastating discovery in Niagara as millions and millions of bees have been found dead.

The Niagara Beeway, a group dedicated to protecting bees, says it is the worst they have seen in 50 years.

President George Scott calls it catastrophic.

He says many beekeepers are experiencing losses of 90% of their hives.

Scott thinks a combination of factors has led to the deaths, including urban sprawl, and chemicals.

He says many people buy plants at large stores that carrying insecticides, which end up poisioning the bees.

Scott says people can help by planting native species of plants, instead of ornamental plants.

Ornamental plants are plants which are grown for display purposes, rather than functional ones. Native plants provide nectar for pollinators including hummingbirds, native bees, butterflies, moths, and bats.

The NPCA has prepared a list of places you can get native plants.

"We do have a parasite, we do have bacteria, we do have viruses, but we have always managed these. We have never had a problem like this."

He says trade protection laws need to be brought in to protect beekeepers financially survive as well.

Scott says the bees dying is distressing, however the inaction of the government is also a tragedy.

Niagara Beeway will visit homes in the region with bee issues, to relocate hives to other areas. Click here to find out more.


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