Moms report feeling "Touched Out" as Mothers Day approaches

Stock photo of Mother by Kelly Sikkema

For many moms, Mother's Day is a welcome chance to indulge in a lavish brunch, receive a special gift or spend meaningful time with their families.

But many new moms are discovering a much different impulse once their newborn arrives: the desire to be left alone.

The phenomenon is casually known as being ``touched out,'' and birthing and nursing experts say it's a widespread experience that should be more widely discussed.

Doula and psychotherapist Sondra Marcon describes it as a form of sensory overload amid a multitude of new demands from the baby and family life.

That can include constant physical demands of nursing and soothing an infant while still recovering from the bodily trauma of pregnancy and childbirth.

She says it leads many moms to avoid physical contact with anyone aside from their baby.

Marcon says the terms ``touched out'' and ``overloaded'' come close to capturing the phenomenon, but she says it can be difficult for some women to fully convey what they are experiencing.

This Mother's Day she says moms of small children can best be supported with help to make their day easier, such as prepared meals and help with housework.

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