New poll suggests most Canadians think the government is spending enough on defence

anand fighter jets

A new poll suggests most Canadians think the federal government is already spending enough on the military, despite the push for a massive hike in defence funding.
Last week's federal budget included more than eight-billion-dollars in new military spending.
Just shy of half of the people polled by Leger last weekend say the government is spending the right amount and another 18 per cent said it should spend less.
The remaining 34 per cent say they want more money in the defence budget.
Those most likely to want more military funding live in Atlantic Canada and Alberta.
About half of those in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec and B.C. said defence spending is just right.
Leger surveyed 1,538 Canadians between April 8 and 10.
A margin of error cannot be assigned because online polls are not considered truly random samples.

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