Niagara Centre candidates discuss health care, and housing during CKTB debate

burch flynn

Candidates from Niagara Centre made their case to voters today in the second instalment of our local candidate debates.


NDP Jeff Burch and Liberal Terry Flynn talked about issues with housing.

Burch says home buyers need assistance, "We are going to help with a down-payment and come in with a program to help young people be able to afford a home and get into the market."

Flynn added that there are many issues that need to be addressed, "Speculative developers that has to cease and desist. you can have one main provincial property but you will be taxed on additional properties."

When it came to heath care Flynn talked about paying PSW's in the province better, "A Liberal government will increase their pay immediately to $25 an hour. Once we treat our staff with respect we will be taking a look into moving our long term cares back into the public domain."

Burch added that currently the Progressive Conservative plan is putting money into the wrong projects and ignoring the needs of communities, "there is even money (in their plan) to build a second garden city skyway from St Catharines to Niagara Falls but no money to keep an emergency department at the Welland hospital to serve the people of Welland and Port Colborne."

Progressive Conservative candidate Fred Davies and Green candidate Michelle McArthur declined an invite to join the debate.

Also running in Niagara Centre are Vincent Gircys with the Ontario Party, and New Blue candidate Gary Dumelie.

The municipal election is set for June 2nd.

Tomorrow morning candidates from Niagara Falls will debate at 9 a.m.

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