Niagara West candidates duel in 90 minute debate

niagara west debate

The fourth and final of our local candidate debates heading into the provincial election focused on the Niagara West riding today.

NDP Dave Augustyn, Liberal Doug Joyner, and Progressive Conservative Sam Oosterhoff squaring off in the 90 minute debate this morning.


The three spent time talk about agriculture which is a large piece of the riding.

Augustyn says he is concerned about the loss of farm land, "We will protect farm land from sprawl. There is about 1,000 acres that are going to be added to the urban boundary under current plans and the current government, (that is) farm land that is gone and you can't ever get that back."

Oosterhoof talked about the work his party has done for the sector, "We passed the security from trespass and protecting food safety act to protect Ontario's food supply and farm animals from trespassing activities which has been a major concern. We also expanded natural gas infrastructure into many areas also across the riding." 

Joyner shared one of his concerns to make things better for farmers, "I think one of the biggest things that we need to do is be able to make sure the municipalities have the proper roads and proper ditches in order to get their farm implements up and down the roads and we need to make it more safer out into the country."

In light of the supreme court leak the U-S surrounding Roe vs. Wade the three were asked what they think the province should do for women that seek an abortion.

PC candidate Sam Oosterhoff, "I have always been clear about being pro life, that is something I have been very up front with my constituents about and yet at the same time what I am hearing from people in my riding when I am knocking doors is that they are concerned about the cost of living, they are concerned about getting the job done."

Liberal Doug Joyner was quick to react to that answer, "The answer that Sam just gave you is the pad answer that he gives everybody it's always deflect deflect deflect, we don't really know the real answer about how Sam feels about this."

The NDP's Dave Augustyn says he has heard many questions about the issue, "This issue does come up at the doors especially from women who are quite concerned about the current members stance. Every woman should have the right and the freedom to make the choice about their own reproductive health."

Also running in the riding are Chris Arnew for the New Blue Party,     Dan Dale with the Ontario Party, Laura Garner    from the Green Party, Libertarian    Stefanos Karatopis, and Populist Jim Torma.

Ontario heads to the polls on June 2nd.

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