Plans for 'life-and-death' ICU triage decisions not finalized, health minister says

life savng

Ontario's health minister says the province has not yet finalized the protocols to deal with who gets life-saving treatment should intensive care units get overrun with COVID-19 patients.

Christine Elliott says the province has not made any changes to indemnify doctors who may soon be put in the position of deciding who to give critical care to.

There were 501 patients with COVID-19 in ICUs across the province as of Tuesday, the highest its ever been, according to Critical Care Services Ontario.

In January, hospitals received a document laying out guidelines on how to deal with critical care triage, if there aren't enough ICU beds.

Under those guidelines, patients are ranked on their likelihood to survive a year after the onset of critical illness.

Human rights advocates have criticized the process, saying it is inherently discriminatory, especially toward people with disabilities and seniors.

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