Possible snow storm for Niagara Sunday night into Monday

Shovelling snow

Parts of Niagara could be set for their biggest snowfall of the winter.

A storm is tracking to hit the region Sunday night and through the day on Monday.

Doug Gillham, Meteorologist with The Weather Network, says the actual snowfall is uncertain at this point, "We are keeping the numbers somewhat conservative, believe it or not, at least 10-20 cm for Western Niagara and 20-30 cm to Eastern Niagara - basically Vineland to the Niagara River"

Gillham adds that the system could track a little differently over the next two days and the snowfall totals drop, "Regardless we are going to see our biggest snow fall of the season, that's not saying a lot we haven't seen that much snow so far, but we are watching the storm track which is the key to whether Monday is a snow day or just a day that makes us look like winter again."

The storm is expected to bring snow and/or ice from Mississippi all the way up to Southern Ontario.

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