Quality of education for detained youth varies across facilities in Ontario

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A new report by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association says the quantity and quality of education offered to youth in Ontario's detention centres varies greatly by facility.
The report, based on interviews with youth who spent time in facilities and adults involved in the youth justice system, says there are major differences in the number of hours of education available to youth in each centre.
It says there are also differences in the scope and depth of programming available.
The report says the discrepancies have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, but appear to be caused by differences in organizational culture.
It says some facilities seem to treat youth as ``security threats to be managed,'' rather than students who deserve an education - particularly in cases where the majority of youth are Black.
The document lays out 19 recommendations, including establishing minimum standards for education in youth detention centres, and an audit of the educational programs currently available there.

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