St. Catharines wants to make roads safer for migrant workers following death of 35-yr-old


St. Catharines wants to improve road safety for migrant workers following the death of 35-year-old Fermin Santo Sanchez.

Sanchez died earlier this month after being hit by an SUV just a short distance away from a farm where he worked while walking with his bike at the side of the road.

City Council unanimously approved Councillor Karrie Porter's motion that would establish consultations with migrant agricultural workers on city's upcoming Active Transportation Master Plan.

A similar motion is being planned for Niagara Regional by Councillor Laura Ip. 

Migrant workers and advocacy groups will be able to delegate and/or write letters. 

Migrant workers can message Porter on WhatsApp at 905-327-0473 or email at in confidence if they’re interested in learning how they can be included in the consultations.

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