Tiffany Apologizes For On-Stage 'Meltdown'


Tiffany has apologized to her fans after an on-stage “meltdown” in Florida on Sunday.

“I am so sorry. I panicked,” the 50-year-old singer said in a video message on Instagram. “It’s not often that I lose my voice and I got up there and just absolutely had a panic attack, a meltdown.

“Out of my frustration, I said things that I don’t mean at all.”

Performing at the Iron Oak Post in Melbourne, Tiffany mumbled through an off-key version of her biggest hit – a cover of the ‘60s song “I Think We’re Alone Now” – and cursed at the audience.

“I’ve just been horrified for the last couple of days,” Tiffany said. “I had no clue I had a vocal problem. I’m not sick. I got up there and it just wasn’t there and it literally freaked me out. I’m so sorry.

“I’m sorry for any off-colour things that I said. It’s definitely not the norm for me. I’m sorry that I had a panic attack and freaked out.”

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