Two pups, now named Thelma and Louise, will be getting $3600 eye surgery

cherry eye 2

The Lincoln County Humane Society has named two pups found abandoned in a park Thelma and Louise.

The two dogs, suffering from Cherry Eye, were taken to the shelter after being discovered, and their owner has not been found.

Shelter staff say both dogs are the 'sweetest, and most squishy' girls.

"They have come out of their shells since their arrival and it's a joy to watch them play together. While their time before LCHS may have been sad, we are happy to ensure their life going forward will be what they deserve; the best."

Martindale Animal Clinic in St. Catharines will be performing their eye surgery, which will cost $3,600.

The shelter is hoping to raise money to cover the cost. Click here if you would like to help.

Once fully healed, these girls will be available for adoption.


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