Young people still see plenty of racist and prejudiced remarks about immigrants online

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A new survey suggests that more than half of Canadians under age 35 come across racist or prejudiced remarks about immigrants on the internet.
Forty-two per cent of respondents of all ages reported seeing or hearing racist content about immigrants in cyberspace.
Jack Jedwab is president of the Association for Canadian Studies, which conducted the online poll with Leger.
He says it's not surprising that younger people are more likely to see this content, because they're more active and engaged on social media.
But he says the degree of exposure to racist content should be cause for concern _ especially in light of the mass shooting in the United States over the weekend.
The white gunman is accused of massacring 10 Black people in a racist attack at a Buffalo, New York, supermarket. Police say he claimed to have been radicalized online.

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