• 6th Annual Wonderland Tea Party For Kid’s Mental Health At CHEO

    The Wonderland Tea Party is fundraising for its sixth year to improve access for mental health care at CHEO for children under 12 years of age. Research shows that early intervention leads to healthier outcomes during teen years and adulthood. The pandemic has forced The Wonderland Tea Party on-line for the second year. We are missing the yummy tea, sandwiches, desserts and in person socializing and hope to resume in 2022. We are confident you’ll find something fun and useful to buy in our on-line auction that will benefit younger children in need of mental health treatments at CHEO. Thank-you for your kindness and generosity.

  • Know What To Do Guide

    Do you, or a youth you care about, need support to feel better? The “Know What To Do Guide” is aimed at increasing awareness of, and navigation to, available mental health supports and resources for children and youth. A collaboration between Ottawa Public Health, Suicide Prevention Ottawa & Ottawa Child & Youth Initiative.

  • The Youth Mental Health Virtual Clinic

    The Youth Mental Health Virtual Clinic at Ottawa’s Youth Services Bureau is currently offering free sessions by phone and video. Call on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-8 pm to connect with a counselor: 613-562-3004

  • CHEO’s YouthNet/RéseauAdo (YNRA)

    CHEO’s YouthNet/RéseauAdo (YNRA) is a for youth, by youth mental health promotion and intervention organization that offers services in both English and French. We talk about mental health and engage in healthy activities to reduce stigma, promote positive coping strategies, and encourage reaching out for help. Learn more & sign up.


What’s New At The National Gallery Of Canada: Leading with Women

Explore an exciting new groundbreaking  'Leading With Women' series at the National Gallery Of Canada. Barcelone is the first featured work and you can see it splashed across the exterior of the National Gallery. Geneviève Cadieux invites you to reflect on how personal interactions can affect us, especially during a global pandemic. 

Katherine Dines speaks with Senior Communications Manager Denise Siele. 

  • The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Center’s Virtual Garage Sale

    The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Center’s Virtual Garage Sale is a campaign to raise funds for The Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health using the GiveShop Marketplace. Using GiveShop’s online marketplace, members of the Royal Ottawa family are encouraged to donate/sell or buy gently used items on GiveShop with proceeds going to The Royal Ottawa Foundation.
  • Canada Army Run 2021: Virtual

    Canada Army Run is no ordinary race! It goes beyond just winning and losing. It’s about pride and determination. From September 10th to 19th run, walk or roll and help raise funds for Support Our Troops and Soldier On, two charities that provide assistance for military members in need and their families. Let’s all go the distance to say Thank You to our troops!

Operation Lifesaver Canada, a national not-for-profit dedicated to rail safety, has collaborated with the Canada Suicide Prevention Service and the Association québécoise de prévention du suicide on the Today is Better campaign, to connect people in distress with trained, compassionate responders across the country.