Barrhaven boy biking for research into rare genetic mutation

A Barrhaven boy is taking his joy for biking to raise money and awareness for a cause.

Eleven-year-old Sam Wheildon has a rare genetic mutation called CHD2, which his mother says causes him to have autism, epilepsy, and cognitive and physical developmental delays.

There are only about 200 known cases of the mutation in the world, according to his mother Christine Wheildon.

“This is a very special thing for him to do," she said. “He started biking when he was really small, about four years old. A lot of people with the CHD2 genetic mutation he has, they’re not able to bike.”

What’s even more incredible is how far he’s gone and his commitment, as he says, to “just go fast.”

He’s turning his time on the bike to raise awareness and support for a new charity called Coalition to Cure CHD2. The family has also set up a GoFundMe page to help research.

“Doing something positive that could help him and others is the way forward for us,” Christine Whieldon said.

This summer, Sam planned to bike 100 kilometres for the cause, but he fell off his bike at the halfway mark and broke his arm. His family will complete his mission, riding the remaining 49 kilometres.

Sam is recovering at home from his injury, but is proud of what he’s already accomplished. So is his big sister Dani.

“It’s great. He’s always a really happy kid, and everyone loves to be around him.”

His riding may be on hold for now, but the commitment to his goal is going strong.

Sam’s mother says the cast will come off at the end of the summer, and they’re looking forward to riding with him again.

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