From gas to groceries, Ottawa residents are paying more

A shopper outside Food Basics in Orléans. Some shoppers say they're trying to buy food when it's on special more often to save on grocery bills. (Katie Griffin/CTV News Ottawa)

With Canada’s inflation rate at a new 18-year high, many shoppers are searching out the best deals to save on their grocery bills. 

"If you go to this store and then you go down the road to another one, same people and they're just picking up the specials," shopper Juanita Vetter said. 

The inflation rate jumped to 4.7 per cent in October. That means people are paying more for everything from gas to groceries.

"Steak and all the meat," said one shopper, of items that he's noticed have gone up in price. "Nothing is coming down, everything’s go up."

"Compared to last year, we're up maybe 10, 12 dollars a grocery order maybe a little more but with everything that's happening that's not that bad," said Ron Albert. 

Going to the dollar store is also going to cost you more. Dollar Tree announced this week that prices on most of its items are going to increase to $1.25 next year.

"I think they still have a good deal," said Sarah Albert.

"You can understand, the shipping costs and whatever it's ridiculous," said Vetter.

General Mills is warning shoppers to expect paying up to 20 per cent more for breakfast basics like Cheerios and Betty Crocker products next year. 

"We have to buy, doesn't matter the cost," said one shopper.

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