Jessica Simpson Claims Married Movie Star Hit On Her


Jessica Simpson has shared a story about a married A-list actor who tried to seduce her more than two decades ago.

The singer, now 42, said “he was undressing me with his eyes" at an after-party for the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards.

“Movie Star started on small talk, and as he leaned in, I had the presence of mind to know, Oh, this is what it’s like to be hit on,” Simpson wrote for Amazon Original Stories. “Because, other than my ex-boyfriend, no man had ever been so upfront about looking at me in a provocative way. At least that I wanted to look at me that way.

“He placed a hand on my hip and leaned in so I could hear him better. Only he talked even softer.”

Simpson said she left when she realized what was happening but later ran into the actor at the gym – and invited him to be in one of her music videos. "'You could be my lead guy,' I offered to this man who made millions and millions per film," she wrote.

Simpson won’t divulge the man’s identity but told People: “I will tell you this… he is still a movie star!”

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