Kanata gas station runs out of gas as prices dip for long weekend

There’s been some relief at the pumps this long weekend as gas dipped below the two dollars a litre mark in Ottawa.

Prices dropped nearly ten cents for the unofficial kick off to summer, but with more demand at the pumps, some gas stations ran out of fuel.

That was the case at a station on Eagleson Road, which had no gas for hours.

A sign at all of the pumps says, “Out of gas, sorry for the inconvenience.”

Staff at the Kanata gas station said they waited for a fuel truck to arrive from around 6:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. The delay meant many left without fuelling up.

Those who were on the road this weekend are feeling the pinch of expensive gas.

“Total cost of the drive in this two-litre turbo, I believe was around $80,” said Osama Navaid, who was travelling from Milton to Ottawa this weekend.

“My truck was $100 or so and now it’s close to $200 to fill it up,” said Ted Vonboetticher, an Ottawa resident. “I hope these prices will eventually come down, I think people have pretty well come to their wits with the price of gas at this point,” he said.

While there was some relief, experts say it won’t last.

“I would expect we are going to be back to $2.10 a litre probably within the next week or so,” said Dan McTeague, president of Canadians for Affordable Energy.

McTeague said that’s because when the United States starts their unofficial kick off to summer next week, it will put pressure on gas prices north of the border.