MOVE Mornings with Stuntman Stu, Angie & Janel


  • Christmas Wreath

    Here's another DIY for you! I LOVE this wreath and pull it out each year.
  • Christmas Sign

    ICYMI: Here is a great gift idea! I gave it to my soon to be MIL a few years ago!
  • Paper Wreath

    Ready for the holidays!
  • Statement Mirror

    Check out this statement mirror I made for about $5 (total dollar store project!)
  • Ottoman

    This was a simple flip on an old (and FREE) coffee table! I LOVE how it turned out!
  • Bridgerton Costume

    Come thrifting with me--while I throw together another Halloween Costume--and show you a 'hack' to make this crown!
  • Barbie Costume

    Here's another DIY Halloween costume!
  • Wood Pumpkins

    Here is some simple (and quick) fall decor you can make just in time for Thanksgiving using scrap wood!
  • Plant Stand

    Here's a simple project I made using some scrap wood (I never like to throw things out!) You can use this design to make all sizes of plant stands!
  • Velvet Pumpkins

    This week I have some simple fall decor that you can use year after year! These velvet pumkins are simple to make!
  • Live Edge Coffee Table

    This live edge coffee table may be easier to make than your realize!

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