DIY with Janel

  • Yarn Wall Art

    This is a super simple piece of decor you can completely customize for your space!
  • Bleach Painted Jeans

    Here is a simple and fun way to upcycle some old shorts or pants in your closet and make them super trendy!
  • Scrunchies

    It’s DIY Day! Let me show you how easy it is to make your own scrunchies!
  • Painted Vinyl Chair

    Did you know you can paint fabric furniture? Let me show you just how EASY it is to make this chair look brand new again!
  • Fascinator

    The Royals are in Ottawa this Wednesday--so here's how to make your own fascinator if you want to get dressed up for the occasion ;) (it was a fun Halloween costume I did a few years back)!
  • Rattan Mirror

    Who says you can't make decor with a hula hoop? Check out how I fixed up this thrifted item in this weeks DIY
  • Vase

    Here is a simple way to give a $3 thrifted vase a facelift and make it look like you spent $30+ on it!
  • Spring Wreath

    Do you need a little Spring re-fresh for your front door? Try this super simple DIY!
  • Plant Stand

    We are loving Janel's plant stand DIY this week!
  • Ceramic Riser

    This week I have a cute piece of decor I made using dollar store items. It's the perfect piece to add a 'little something' to a shelf or table!
  • Rope Wall Art

    This is a funky piece of decor you can make with some scrap wood!
  • Dog Treats

    Next time you have some brown bananas...turn them into some tasty dog treats with this super simple 3 ingredient recipe!
  • Bedside 'Floating' Shelves

    Simple $10 bedside 'floating' shelves...
  • Dog Toys

    Got an old pair of jeans? You can turn them into 2 easy dog toys!
  • Rug Basket

    Do you need more 'cute' storage in your life? Check out this rug basket I made for $5!
  • Dog Crate Topper

    I'm so happy I made this crate topper--it looks WAY better in our room, we can use the top for storage for all the dog things, and it doubles as my nightstand (which we had to remove to fit her crate in!)
  • Dog Snuffle Mat

    It's my first (of many) dog DIYs! This mat is a great way to provide enrichment for your dog and get their brain working! It's easy to make--and all you need is a few things from the dollar store!
  • Plant Stand

    Today's DIY will take you all of 2 minutes to make! Check out this luxe plant stand I made.
  • Side Table

    DIYs don't always go as planned...and here's just one (of many) where I had to 'pivot' and make it work!
  • Bed Tent

    My nephew has been asking for a 'barn bed tent' for a very long time. When my sister couldn't find it...she turned to Aunt Janel to help her out :) It was actually SO easy to make and you can theme it however you like!
  • Wood Christmas Trees

    Got some scrap wood?! It's so easy to quickly make these for anywhere in your home!
  • Thrifted Ornaments

    I spent about $10 at the thrift store and made these cute ornaments & candle holders for the perfect centerpiece!
  • Floral Christmas Decor

    Have you ever heard of wood flowers? They are beautiful--and perfect for Christmas decor--check out these 2 easy DIYs I made with them!
  • Christmas Centrepiece

    This is so easy to quickly throw together if you have an upcoming dinner party! Just grab some glasses from your cupboard and a paint pen! (it washes off with windex!)
  • Refinished Wicker Chair

    I found this beauty on the side of the road and gave her a quick refresh and she looks good as new!
  • Entryway Bench

    I've got another furniture flip for you today (which includes a super simple DIY pillow!) I originally bought this bench for $15--look at it now!
  • Halloween Costume - Squid Game

    What do you (or your kids) plan to be for Halloween?! Here's another costume idea. Can you believe I made it out of a strainer?!
  • Squid Game Contestant Costume

    It's time for some Halloween costumes! I LOVE making these each I decided to go with one of the HOTTEST costumes for 2021!
  • Belt

    This week I have a fun little fashion DIY that took me less than 10 minutes to make! I think it if perfect for fall outfits!
  • Nightstand

    I've been doing alot of this recently...but here is another furniture flip for you! Cost me $5!
  • Bench/Side Table

    This video includes real play by play footage of me stealing trash before the garbage truck picked it up!
  • Thrifted Decor

    This week I have a few quick projects using some thrifted items! I used an old bamboo blind (but placemats work great for this too!) Let me know which one was your favourite!
  • Hair Tie

    This DIY was a request from my Mom (but I love it so much I made some for me too!)
  • Custom Kids Sign

    This was a gift for my nephew for his 3rd birthday--I can confirm he LOVED it!
  • Console Makeover

    The key to this makeover was wooden coffee stir sticks believe it or not! It's one of my favourites to date!
  • DIY Tiled Table

    While I was out for a walk one night...I found these tiles someone was giving away at the end of the driveway--so naturally I grabbed them and made this!
  • Plant Stand

    I found something completely random at the thrift store--and turned it into a plant stand (cause I'm always looking to make space for more plants)
  • Dollar Store Decor

    This was such an easy (and cheap) way to make some trendy home decor! I got everything I needed from the dollar store!
  • Mini Plant Pots

    If you have a few tiles kicking around after a reno project--here's something you can do with them!
  • Aged Pottery

    Aged pottery is very trendy right now--and it's so easy to DIY! Which one was your favourite?
  • Entryway Makeover

    I gave my entryway a makeover using only thrifted items! I LOVE how it turned out--and the price was right!
  • Pendant Light

    I almost scrapped this entire just wasn't working. BUT I managed to save it! Who knew you could paper mache a pendant light?!
  • Textured Wall Art

    This DIY was a HUGE hit on my Youtube channel. I love how it turned out! It's inexepensive...and literally ANYONE can do it!
  • Patio Makeover

    I gave my patio a little 'refresh'. It was simple and quick to do--and now we're ready for the season!
  • Balcony Privacy Screen and Railing Planter

    It only took me 3 years to fix this problem area on our porch! It was such an easy fix I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. Plus I made us a mini veggie planter.
  • Woven Chairs

    Here is the finished dining set! Last week I refinished the table--so this week I tackled the chairs. I'm so happy with how the seat cushions turned out!
  • Refinished Dining Table

    Over the next two weeks I'll be showing you how I refinished a dining set I got on FB marketplace for $60. I spent a TON of hours on it...but only cost me around $40 to fix it up!
  • Room Divider

    Note to self: always do the research BEFORE you start the project. This ended up being a much more expensive DIY than I thought--but I still love it!
  • Record Player Makeover

    I can't believe I wanted over 5 years to redo this record player/side table! Check out this easy, affordable transformation!
  • Accent Chair Makeover

    Watch how I transform these $20 thrifted accent chairs for my livingroom!