Furever Home

  • Another Adoptable Cuddle Kitty

    Every week Katherine Dines checks in with The Ottawa Humane Society to learn about how they're helping animals in need through various programs. We also meet lots of adoptable pets. This week it's all about Peter. He's ready to be a special part of your family. Watch to see how calm and gentle he is.
  • Worried About Your Pet Going Missing?

    We hear about pets being lost all the time. We see missing pet posters all over the city. In this edition of Furever Home, Katherine Dines chats with Emma Sheedy from the Ottawa Humane Society about how to keep your pet from wandering off and what to do if they do go missing.
  • Helping Your Pet With Separation Anxiety

    If you've been at home with your pet for an extended period during the pandemic, and are planning to return to the workplace, you can help them adjust to your longer absences. Here Katherine Dines chats with Emma Sheedy from The Ottawa Humane Society about steps you can take to help ease your pet into a new routine to help avoid unpleasant behaviors.
  • The Need for Foster Volunteers

    In this week's 'Furever Home', we're meeting a cute fluffy rabbit who needs our help. Lindsey Gemmell from The Ottawa Humane Society speaks with Katherine Dines about the need for foster volunteers to care for rabbits, how it works and the benefits of having a cuddly bunny in your home.
  • What To Do When You Find A Lost Cat

    We've all encountered a wandering feline. They randomly show up at your door or frequent neighborhood spaces. But how do you know when to leave them alone and when to call for help?
  • Furever Home - 'Catch The Ace' Lottery

    The Ottawa Humane Society has launched it's second 'Catch The Ace' Lottery to help care for local animals in need. Katherine Dines speaks with Emma Sheedy at the OHS who explains how it works.
  • Indoor Vs Outdoor Cats

    OHS Communications Coordinator Emma Sheedy explains why it's best to keep your cat inside.
  • How To Become An Animal Foster Family

    In this video I'm speaking with Ashley Britton, Manager Of Volunteer Services at Ottawa Humane Society. ottawahume.ca