Look but don't touch: Market customers asked not to handle produce

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Some markets in Ontario are asking customers not to handle produce while shopping to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

While some might not want to commit to produce without checking how ripe it is, it's one step that's helping keep everyone in business.

The touch test is no longer welcome at St. Jacob's Market.

"It's not like a regular store experience where you can pick up and put things down randomly," market manager Leanne McGray said. "We prefer that people don't touch things unless they have or they intend to purchase the item they picked up."

Some vendors have installed caution tape or rope, moving tables further back so products are out of reach.

"We'll hold the product so people can see it," said Jillian Seehaver from Johnston Farms.

Others rely on a close eye and the honour system.

"They can point which one they want and we can just get a bag and put it in," vendor Charlene Bowman said.

Vendors said it's a bit more work, but they're willing to do whatever is needed to stay safe and in business.

"We're washing our hands in between every single customer, doing all of our precautions so that everybody's safe and happy," Seehaver said.

Customers seem to be fans of the non-touching process.

"I actually know who has handled it, so I feel so much better," customer Andrea Kiff said.