Bras Around YOUR Building 2021

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11th Annual Bras Around the Building Campaign is officially underway supporting the Canadian Cancer Society, breast cancer research and awareness, and the services cancer patients use every day.  Although, it will have a different look this year.

Through the years the campaign has raised well over $125,000 through bra collection and donation matching.  However, considering the Covid-19 Health and Safety concerns, we have decided NOT to do Bra collection this year or do the Bra Hanging on our building.  Taking into consideration the large group gathering and the handling of bras, we thought it best to cancel this part of the fundraiser.

However, we are moving forward with a slightly different concept.  This year, it’s Bras Around YOUR Building.  We will be encouraging two things during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

  1. Show your support by making a bra display in your home, hanging bras in your business, do bra crafts (maybe make a bra mask), and other such fun and quirky activities that have always been part of the event.
  2. We will be asking for financial donations instead of bras this year.  But, as in past years, we are highlighting the fact that $1 here or there, collectively, can add up to a lot of financial support for the Canadian Cancer Society and Breast Cancer Research.

Merrett Home Hardware Building Centre has once again come on board as a supporter.  Drew Merrett and his team have committed to matching every dollar raised during the campaign, up to a total of $7000.  This means our financial goal this year will be $14,000.   Plus the substantial awareness the campaign creates for screening, detection and research.

We look forward to the community support this campaign has generated year after year and are excited to see the fun bra creations that will be made.  Please use the hashtag #BrasAround2021 in any social posts.

The campaign runs from October 1st – 29th.  Sign up to be a BRABassador below or make a donation through .