The dog breeds that can help you find love

Jack Russell Terrier

If you are single and on the lookout for love, it’s time to buy a terrier.

Owners of certain breeds attract more romantic interest than those with other types of dog, according to new research.

For women, owning a Staffordshire bull terrier is more of a draw for a potential date than good looks, a warm personality or even wealth.

And men with Jack Russells set more pulses racing too.

Researchers posted profiles on dating apps featuring photographs of men and women with different breeds of dog and counted the number of likes and swipes they attracted.

The findings by dog-friendly holiday firm Canine Cottages show that, after Staffies, men seeking a date are mainly drawn to women with chihuahuas and mixed breeds.

By contrast, single women go for men with cockapoos and labradors as well as Jack Russells.

Dating expert James Preece said: ‘Adding a photo of a dog can be a great idea if you want to be successful at dating. It provides an instant icebreaker and makes it easy for someone to start a conversation.‘It also shows they are active and kind. If the dog loves them then other people will do too.’

Story from Daily Mail Online