7:35AM Questions & Answers


Questions & Answers 

  1. Today is February 29th. It’s Leap year. What do you call people born on this day: Leaplings or Leapers?  Leaplings


  1. Howie Mandel is a celebrity judge on which reality show?  America’s Got talent


  1. What’s the fruit in a hot cross bun? Raisin (Sultana)


  1. Lulu Island is the largest island on the Fraser River…name a city it’s a part of. Richmond and New Westminster (mostly Richmond with a tiny bit being in New West)


  1. What’s the name of Toronto’s CFL team?  The Argonauts


  1. Who directed the movie “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”?  Steven Spielberg


  1. How many planets are in our solar system:  8 or 9? Eight (Pluto is a dwarf planet)


  1. What is the name of the river that flows through the Brazilian rainforest? The Amazon


  1. Which chocolate bar is the number 1 seller in the world? Snickers or Mr Big?  Snickers


  1. Finish the title of this Disney/Pixar animated movie from 2003:  Finding __________  (Nemo)

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