7:35AM Questions & Answers


Questions & Answer  

  1. Who hosted the daily show before Trevor Noah? Jon Stewart (it’s his birthday today!)

  2. Who sings the song “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from the movie Toy Story?  Randy Newman

  3. Are you more likely to hear Country or Rock music at the Grand ole Opry? Country

  4. What is the name of the large Lego pieces designed for smaller kids? Duplo

  5. Canada lost to what country at the world cup yesterday? Croatia

  6. Which singer had the albums Circus, Femme Fatale and Baby One More Time? Britney Spears

  7. Which is the main ingredient that makes bread rise? Yeast

  8. An Arborist is an expert in what? Trees/Shrubs

  9. Name the two Canadian provincial capital with G in their name. Regina, Winnipeg

  10. Which process is used by plants to convert light energy into chemical energy? Photosynthesis

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