Create Memories, Not Garbage


Think back to your best Christmas memory. Was it the sweater you received? A video game? Or a kitchen gadget? Chances are it was something you experienced, a way you felt or a special person you were with.

In our rush to buy Christmas presents for family and friends we can unintentionally create unnecessary waste – from unwanted presents that get stored in the back of a closet, to the packaging and wrapping that the gift comes in.

This year, join MOVE 103.5 and Metro Vancouver to Create Memories, Not Garbage! Try giving the gift of an experience and create less waste. With a little inspiration, you can give a Christmas present to remember.

Low-waste gift ideas for all budgets:

  • Movie passes
  • Escape room gift card
  • Host a game night
  • Go bowling
  • Go skating or tubing
  • Spa gift card
  • Sewing or pottery classes
  • Visit a local festival

Get inspired with over 200 low-waste gift ideas at and reduce your waste this Christmas.









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