Glass bottle thrown at baby in stroller; Vancouver police looking for victims

Police in Vancouver are asking the victims of an attack on a baby in a stroller to come forward with more information.

Officers said the incident happened Monday afternoon at Davie and Bidwell streets, according to a 911 caller who reported that a bottle was tossed at the stroller.

"The caller indicated the bottle didn’t hit the baby, but the contents were splashed on both the baby and the adults who were with him," the Vancouver Police Department said in a statement Thursday.

The caller was able to give a description of the man involved, and a suspect was arrested nearby.

That man has been identified only as a 31-year-old from Vancouver.

Police said they believe the attack was unprovoked, and said it "must have been terrifying" for those involved.

The family left the scene before police arrived, so they haven't been identified. Officers are asking them to call police to help with the investigation.

The parents or guardians, as well as anyone else with more information, is asked to contact police at 604-717-4022.

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