No, Travis Scott's Son's Name Is Not An Arabic Slang Word


Does Travis Scott’s son really share his name with an Arabic slang word?

The 31-year-old rapper and Kylie Jenner last week revealed that their second child, who is about to celebrate his first birthday, is named Aire.

Shortly after the boy was born, the couple announced that they named him Wolf – but they decided it didn't fit. "We really didn’t have a name going in," Jenner told her mother on their reality show. "We thought it was going to come to us when we saw him, and it didn’t."

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, there are two obsolete meanings for “aire” – “a breed or strain (of hawk)” and “an altar.”

So, was baby Aire named for the Spanish word for "air" or the river in Yorkshire, England? Does it really mean "lion of God" in Hebrew? No.

Turns out, Aire's unique moniker was inspired by Jenner’s wealth – it is, after all, the suffix of “billionaire.” Asked by a fan how to pronounce the name, Scott replied: "It's pronounced 'air' like billionaires." Jenner responded to another fan who asked the same question: "AIR."

Where things could get awkward is whether one chooses to pronounce “Aire” as “air” or as “air-eh.”

“Umm should someone tell Kylie Jenner she renamed her son Aire which is a common Arabic expression for ‘my penis’ or nah?,” tweeted Australian journalist Antoinette Lattouf last week.

According to Urban Dictionary, “ayre” (pronounced “air-eh”) is Arabic for “best friend” or “penis” depending on how it’s used.

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