The Nat & Drew Show - June 30th


On Today's Show: 

  • The results are IN! Who's Great Canadian Playlist ruled supreme in our little competition?! PS - we mushed ALL The playlists up, and threw in a few extra treasures into one mega, maple syrup flavoured playlist to keep your Canada Day Rockin! Check it out here!
  • Stores are getting SO overwhelmed, they're switching up their return policies... and it's kinda great for us! 
  • Did you ever try and help your kids with their homework and fail miserably? We'll tell you the story of one dad who's tutoring did pretty much the opposite of help.
  • We play "Famous Last Words" where you guess the last line of the movie! 
  • RANDOM QUESTION OF THE DAY: What's a sexy hobby? 

That and more on today's Nat & Drew Show! 

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