The Nat & Drew Show - Sept 20


On today's show: 

  • Did you see/hear the PM's rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody" live from a London Bar?!
  • How much are YOU worth on the black market? 
  • The last woman in line to see the Queen laying in state at Westminster says the moment was even better for her than having her kids.... is there anything that could reach that level for you!? 
  • We play another round of the "MICHAEL MEGA MIX" for Michael Buble Tix! 
  • RANDOM QUESTION OF THE DAY: Would you rather be a famous singer, actor or athlete? 
  • Wanna win $100 THOUSAND DOLLARS?! Get the details on our $100Thousand Dollar workday HERE! 

That and more on today's Nat & Drew Show!