• VIFF Film Review - Humanist Vampire (2023)

    Meet Sasha, the world’s most compassionate young vampire. Her family is at their wits’ end with her reluctance to embrace their lethal traditions. When her clan decides to cut off her supply to push her out of her comfort zone, she’s forced to get resourceful.
  • VIFF Film Review - WaaPaKe (Tomorrow) (2023)

    For generations, the suffering of residential school survivors has radiated outward, impacting Indigenous families and communities. Dr. Koostachin’s deeply personal documentary WaaPaKe (Tomorrow) moves beyond intergenerational trauma, with an invitation to unravel the tangled threads of silence and unite in collective freedom and power.
  • VIFF Film Review - Physician, Heal Thyself (2023)

    In Asher Penn’s Physician, Heal Thyself Dr Maté shares not only his theories, but also his personal story. Physician, Heal Thyself offers hope and comfort, encouraging us to own our failings, share our struggles, and accept our imperfections.
  • VIFF Film Review - Mr Dressup: The Magic of Make-Believe (2023)

    For three decades, Mr. Dressup was a fixture in Canadian living rooms. Over the course of some 4,000 episodes, he imparted simple-but-essential advice and quietly went about leading by example when it came to teaching generations of children how to be better people.
  • VIFF Film Review - The Old Oak (2023)

    In a town in the north of England, TJ and his family pub are hanging on by a thread. When an influx of Syrian refugees stokes xenophobic backlash, he’s ready to step up and help the newcomers as best he can.
  • Film Review - Alice, Darling (2023)

    A young woman trapped in an abusive relationship becomes the unwitting participant in an intervention staged by her two closest friends.
  • WFF Film Review - Corner Office (2022)

    New employee Orson is our unreliable narrator, a new employee who takes us on a guided tour of his eccentric work space and co-workers. Somewhat stressed by his need to over-deliver, Orson seeks a respite from his co-workers in a room that no one else seems to be aware of.
  • WFF Film Review - Exile (2022)

    Ted is a man who is just getting out of prison for killing a family in a DUI incident. He receives a threat from the man whose family he accidentally killed to the effect that if Ted tries to reunite with his own family, they will be killed in retaliation for the crime Ted committed.
  • WFF Film Review - Little Jar (2022)

    Ainsley (Kelsey Gunn) is a misanthrope who hates people but when she suddenly finds herself in isolation with no one to talk to, she realizes how much she actually misses connection.

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