5 ‘Easter Bunny’ Approved Easter Egg Hunts!


The long weekend is almost here! Keep the kids busy with these ‘Easter Bunny’ approved Easter egg hunts!

1. Egg-tivities

Yes, chocolate is pretty much a requirement of any Easter egg hunt. However, you can ask the ‘Easter Bunny’ to put a fun activity in each egg instead and save the chocolate for the end of the hunt! It can be an activity they have to do before moving onto the next egg (like a somersault), or a coupon they can redeem at anytime. For example, “Piggyback” or “iPad time” coupons they can redeem with you at home.


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2. Egg Scavenger Hunt

Ask the ‘Easter Bunny’ to create clues unique to your child and hide eggs in different locations around the house. Since handwashing is so important right now, why not use the sink as a hiding spot! For added fun, write the clues in small print so the kids can play ‘detective’ and use a magnifying glass to read the hints.

3. Reverse Easter Egg Hunt

Since it seems like everything is ‘upside down’ right now, you can change up the Easter egg hunt tradition and let your kids hide the eggs instead. Chances are your added years of egg hunt ‘experience’ will make finding them easy, but you can always stretch out the search for added drama!

4. QR Code Hunt

If your kids are older and tech savvy, you can ask for the ‘Silicon Valley’ Easter Bunny and use smartphones to decipher QR code hints. Create your own QR codes online or use this existing Easter egg hunt. Simply download a QR code-scanning app for your smartphone and instruct your kids to scan the different hints!


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5. Puzzle Hunt

Think of this like ‘Inception’, its a puzzle within a puzzle! Hide puzzle pieces in the Easter eggs and with each egg they find, your kids can solve the puzzle. You can also use Lego pieces, or different words to decode a hidden ‘message’ from the Easter Bunny!


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As long as there are some (sugary) prizes involved, your child will surely have a great time with any in-house Easter egg hunt!

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Happy Easter long weekend from your pals at Vancouver's Move! 

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