5 Kids Activities for a ‘Staycation’ Spring Break!

SPring Break

Sometimes it takes a little imagination to make things feel a bit more normal. Since travel restrictions are still in effect, here are some creative ideas to keep the kids busy during the break!

1. Living Room Fort

Being Vancouver, chances are high we’re going to see some rain over ‘spring’ break, so take a camping trip to the living room instead! Re-live your childhood fort dreams by helping your kids build one, if you really want to make it authentic, you can even charge rent!


2. Treasure Hunt

Hide a secret ‘treasure’ in your house and create a map to help your child find it. The key is to make it hard enough that they’re occupied for a while but not so hard that they lose interest.



3. “Drive-In” Movie Night

For once, your leftover amazon boxes can come in handy! Make a cardboard box car with your kids for their very own drive-in movie experience. You’ll probably be in for a lot of Frozen, but if you’re lucky you can squeeze in a couple Disney classics like 101 Dalmatians, or Aladdin too!


4. Tie Dye!

Tie Dye T-shirts made a serious comeback during quarantine. It only requires a few supplies, and you get a ‘rad’ looking t-shirt out of it!


5. Indoor Obstacle Course

Burn off that extra ‘playground’ energy the kids have stored up with an indoor obstacle course. Set up pillows, and household items, and start a timer to see who gets through fastest!


Not to freak you out, but the kids will be home ALL day for the next two weeks, so these activities might help you keep them busy! Or at least, keep this from happening…


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