5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day!


Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22nd. Although it looks a bit different this year, there are still many ways to celebrate the occasion. Here are some suggestions on how to celebrate Earth Day at home!

1. Re-Purpose a Household Item

There are plenty of ways to creatively re-purpose something that might've ended up in a landfill. Like using toilet paper rolls to keep your electronic charger cords organized. Check out this video of creative recycling ideas to get you started.

2. Unplug from the Internet

Did you know a typical year of incoming emails adds 136kg to our carbon footprint? Today gives us an excuse to send emails only when necessary. Another way to save energy is by unsubscribing from newsletters. Earth Day is a great opportunity to go through and unsubscribe from emails that you probably don’t read anyway! Watching less online video can also help conserve energy. (The one above is ok, since it encourages recycling!)

3. Start a Garden

Growing your own garden is a great way to celebrate the earth and all it provides for us. You can see firsthand what it takes to grow vegetables and herbs we so often take for granted. Be sure to grow some flowers as well, they look great and provide nutrients to pollinators! 


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4. Park the Car

We're so lucky to have amazing walking and biking trails throughout the city. If you have to leave the house, opt to take out your bike or go for a walk instead.


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5. Go Vegetarian/Local for the Day

You have the time to get imaginative with your meals right now, why not use it to go vegetarian or shop local this week! Vegetables require less greenhouse gas emissions to produce and are therefore better for the environment. Buying local also uses less greenhouse gas emissions and supports local farmers!

Even in the midst of a pandemic, Earth Day is an opportunity to pause and consider how to live more sustainably. Be sure to celebrate the day while staying safe at home. A virtual event to commemorate the day can be accessed here.

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