Film Review – Martha (2020)


Today, January 27th, is National Holocaust Remembrance Day. In honour of this day the National Film Board of Canada has released the short documentary Martha. Local Vancouver director Daniel Schubert interviews Martha, his grandmother and Holocaust survivor.

At 90 years old, Martha recounts the horrific memories of her time in the Auschwitz concentration camp as if it happened yesterday. She was 14 years old when her entire family was taken. Her experience lives in memories but it’s something she thinks about every day of her life.

“It was in April, Passover. They took us to the ghetto and we waited there a month until the cattle train came and took us to Auschwitz, we would never go back home”.

It’s so important that these stories of survival from the Holocaust are told so we may never forget the horrors of what happened and may they never be repeated. Schubert does an incredible job portraying his grandmother’s experience at Auschwitz and her incredible life after as a wife, mother, grandmother, business owner and survivor. This is a documentary you won’t want to miss.

Martha is streaming now for free at

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