National Radio Day: We Reflect on Memorable Moments from Our Radio Careers!


Happy National Radio Day! We are so lucky to be the voices you hear everyday on Vancouver’s Move, and wanted to share a memory from our careers in the wonderful world of radio!

Drew Savage:

"It's National Radio Day.  How different would my world be if it weren't for two teachers who helped launch me into my life in radio when I was still in high school.  I was Student's Council president so I wound up doing a lot of the morning PA announcements.  Mr. Coulman, an electronics teacher - a course I didn't even take - got a kick out of them.  A friend of his was the program director at the local FM radio station (the only one in town!) and said he was looking for a part-time "operator" - someone who could run pre-recorded programs at night and on weekends.  Mr. Coulman offered to make a call if I was interested.  The interview went well and the program director thought I had a decent enough voice, so he gave me a chance filling for some of the daytime announcers during their spring & summer vacations.  Did I mention I was still in high school?  As in, literally going to class every day?  Luckily, I had an English teacher who believed that talking on the radio was the equivalent​ of giving a daily creative writing presentation, so she let me miss weeks of classes that May and June so I could be on the air instead.  Thank you, Mrs. Cecchetto!  She's retired now, so she can't get in trouble for doing that ;)  I've had countless other teachers who have helped me along the way - college teachers, industry mentors, superstar colleagues and other talented broadcasters I've never met, but love listening to.  But it started with these two teachers: Mr. Coulman and Mrs. Cecchetto.  I wish I had pictures of them, but I don' instead...please enjoy this picture of me in college with crazy hair.  Happy National Radio Day!"

Nat Hunter:

"Despite this picture…… I feel like I’m very lucky to work in radio. Some of the biggest highlights of my life, some of my most joyful moments and some of my most enduring friendships have all happened because of radio.
The photo?  Well…I lost a bet.  So I had to do the Grouse Grind … a row…in the Chicken Suit of Shame. 
I didn’t say all my memories from radio are the best.   But I learned a valuable lesson —— never bet on the The Maple Leafs. Happy National Radio Day!"

Olivia Jones:

"The story of how I got here is too long, as is the list of people who helped me along the way. My journey started in the promotions department on the Beat Street Squad in 2004 and the first time I stepped into that studio I knew what I wanted to do with my life. 17 years later I feel incredibly blessed to be a radio host in my hometown of Vancouver and the best city in the world."

Leanne Mclaren:

“It’s hard to pin point a favourite moment in my radio career. I have worked with and been mentored by some of the best in the industry. I’ve enjoyed doing live broadcasts and event remotes where we get to meet our lovely listeners. And I’ve met top athletes, incredible musicians, drag performers and even an astronaut! But I’d have to say one of the highlights of my career has been having the opportunity to give back to the community. Every year our station has participated in McHappy day helping the staff at McDonalds as they raise funds for Ronald McDonald house. It was so much fun stepping into their shoes and serving up Big Macs and McCafe coffees. The staff are always so welcoming and they really work hard for a great cause”.

Ray Grover:


Vancouver’s Move exists thanks to all the amazing listeners in the Lower Mainland. Thank you for continuing to give us the opportunity to entertain and inform you every day!

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