Podcast Review - Self-Love Is Blind

Title card for Self-Love Is Blind Podcast

I’m a huge fan of podcasts. I find they’re great entertainment for when I’m on road trips or getting ready in the morning. And there’s such a huge variety of podcasts to choose from in all genres but the ones that really catch my attention leave me feeling like I’ve learned something new or they give me an insight into how others see and interact with the world. Most recently I came across a new podcast called Self-love Is Blind.

The host, Jillian Gillis, is from Nova Scotia and was born with a rare eye condition that leaves her with only 10% of her eye sight, making her legally blind. Jillian combined all her skills and education together to make this podcast happen. She holds an IT diploma, a Marketing diploma, and has over 10 years experience in customer service.  She created this podcast to share her story living with a disability and her journey with self-love.

“Self-Love is Blind podcast is where we discuss all things self-love related; the challenges, the self-doubt that can get in the way, sharing suggestions on ways to overcome the obstacles and build a community that encourages one another to fall in love with their true self”.

In the premiere episode, Jillian let her close friend Steph take the lead as interviewer. I loved the natural flow between them. It was a great way to launch a podcast by letting someone who knows the host so well to interview her.  It's such a unique way for the audience to get to know the host and I thought it was brilliant!

So far with two episodes out I’ve found the content to be super relatable and interesting. I love the message behind Self-Love Is Blind and how inspiring it is to hear of others journey’s with self-love.

“Once I started my self-love journey I really started believing in myself. And when you believe in yourself so deeply that’s all that seems to matter”.

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Photo of Host of Self-Love Is Blind Jillian Gillis

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