VIFF Film Review - Rosie (2022)

Still image of Rosie and Fred in the film Rosie.

Rosie is a Canadian film set in Montréal in the 1980’s about a young Indigenous girl who ends up in the care of her Aunt Fred, a woman who can barely take care of herself let alone a young child. After Rosie’s mother passes away child services is desperate to place Rosie with a family member, even if it’s not family by blood. Frederique is a down and out woman who is behind on rent and on shaky terms with her employment. The social worker arrives unannounced in the middle of her shift at the adult toy store to hand Rosie over to Fred, whether she wants to take in the girl or not. With the help of her friends Flo and Mo, Fred tries to make the most out of suddenly becoming a mother, even though she remains conflicted about it, due to her own experience growing up in the child care system.

“Love is what makes a family”.

I really loved this movie. It’s such a sweet and heartwarming story. I was so impressed with the performance of Keris Hope Hill as Rosie. She’s incredibly talented for such a young girl! I also enjoyed seeing the friendship between Fred, Flo and Mo. It’s a true depiction of how the LGBTQIA+ community creates their own family within their friendships. I think overall my favourite part about this story is that you get to see the vulnerabilities of all the main characters which makes them very relatable and authentic. The soundtrack has the perfect 80’s vibe without relying heavily on the typically overused hits from that decade. If you’re looking for a film that gives you the warm and fuzzies you’ll want to check out Rosie.


The 41st Vancouver International Film Festival runs September 29 – October 9.

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