WFF Film Review - Corner Office (2022)

Title card for the film Corner Office. Jon Hamm peeking around the hallway corner. Just his head is showing.

The 22nd Whistler Film Festival is wrapping up it’s in person screenings tomorrow before heading online until January 2. I got the chance to see Corner Office starring Jon Hamm as Orson, a subservient guy who’s excited to start his new office job at The Authority. If you’re a fan of the TV series The Office, you’ll remember the nerdy rule abiding Dwight Schrute. Jon Hamm’s portrayal of Orson definitely has a Dwight essence to him. He’s incredibly structured in how he utilizes his time at work down to the minute. His desk is neatly organized and he’s driven to move up the corporate ladder quickly.

Orson sits directly across from Rakesh, played by Danny Pudi. Rakesh is laid back and his desk is quite messy with piles of case files slowly about to encroach on Orson’s desk. The dynamic between Orson and Rakesh is very reminiscent of Dwight and Jim’s relationship in the Office, without the pranks. On one of Orson’s five minute breaks, he discovers a door with no name plate or sign. His curiosity leads him to open the door and he discovers an unoccupied office. While he spends time in this room he feels a great sense of peace and calm. When Orson brings up the room to Rakesh he tells Orson there’s no room there. Orson’s insistence that there is a room there eventually gets him into trouble with management as he becomes obsessed with this room. It doesn’t take long for everyone in the office to start to dislike Orson as he’s not friendly, tries to boss others around and they feel he’s mentally unstable and should be let go.

You can’t help but feel sympathetic for Orson. Something’s definitely going on with him and his mental health. The only two people who show him any kindness is his boss and the receptionist. During the office Christmas party Orson makes a connection with the receptionist and there’s hope that she may be the only one who sees things as he does.

This is a very different role for Jon Hamm. He typically plays characters that are suave and debonair. I think he did a stellar job portraying Orson with authenticity and humanness. I hope this story can impact how people view those who are dealing with mental health issues.  Maybe it can help us have more compassion and understanding for those who are struggling.

Corner Office screens tomorrow at the Village 8 cinemas in Whistler.

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