WFF Film Review - Exile (2022)

Still image from the film Exile. Adam Beach looking out a cabin window.

Exile is a suspense drama that follows Ted (Adam Beach), a man tormented by his past, living alone in a cabin in the woods in Powell River. Flashbacks reveal that Ted was involved in a car accident that killed a mother and her two children. Only their father James McGrath survived the crash. While in prison serving his entire sentence another prisoner threatens Ted saying McGrath was going to murder Ted’s family as revenge if he has any contact with them, hence why he’s moved far away from his family and won’t connect with anyone. Ted’s fear leaves him deeply paranoid believing McGrath is watching his every move.

“Sometimes we convince ourselves, we’re certain of things that just aren’t true. And sometimes we need someone else to show us another perspective”.

A minor altercation lands Ted in police custody and the chief of police ends up contacting his wife Sara (Camille Sullivan), who’s been looking for him as he disappeared shortly after he was released from prison. She immediately travels to Powell River to try to bring her convince her husband to come home. Ted pushes her away but she’s hard set on not letting him torment himself any longer. She takes extreme measures to prove to him there’s no real danger of McGrath coming after Ted’s family.

I really enjoyed this film. The story unfolds layer by layer leaving you to question what’s really going on with Ted and if this perceived threat is real or not. Fear can make you do irrational things and question your reality and mental state and this is played out so wonderfully in Exile. Adam Beach delivers a powerful and vulnerable performance paired perfectly with Camille Sullivan with her portrayal of a strong and level headed wife determined to put her family back together at any cost. I love when a movie gets under your skin and Exile does just that.


Exile screens at the Whistler Film Festival Friday December 2 and then online.

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