3 Doors Down Manager Explains Why The Band Booked Trump’s Inauguration

3 Doors Down was one of the few acts that stepped up to the plate to perform at Donald Trump's inauguration. Prior to the big set, Vice published an interview with the band's manager Angus Vail, who broke down just why the veteran rock band decided to accept the offer for the concert, which was deemed "The Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration."

In the interview, Vail recalled how the band played George W. Bush's inauguration, before admitting that their political views are entirely what you'd expect from them. "They are good Mississippi and Alabama boys—they come from conservative families," he explained. "You know, they're really good guys, but they have very different political beliefs. Because they played both Bush's inaugurations, they've obviously been on the conservative radar."

As for his view on the band's relevance, well, that's where Vail's perspective gets interesting. "The interesting thing is that they have songs, like 'Loser' and 'Kryptonite,' and those songs are played at every Walmart and in every elevator in America," he confessed. "But are they huge? Well, the very first album they put out sold 13 million copies and 3 Doors are a Bible-belt sort of band, and they can do very well in all those places. They can play until they're 80 years old, and people will come and see them. They're not the latest, hottest thing, but they will always attract a lot of people. They can sell out a reasonable-sized venue—if they play in the rustbelt, in the Midwest, in the Bible belt, they can do 5,000 people one night. That's the nature of America, of the market here." 

Watch a livestream of the concert below!

Original article by James Dinh at iHeartRadio