53rd Annual Windsor Santa Claus Parade taking place this weekend


The big guy with an bigger beard will be paying a visit to Windsor Saturday.

The Windsor Parade Corporation is ready to hit the streets for their second Santa Claus Parade of the season in the heart of the city, presented by the Wyandotte Town Centre BIA.

The parade will be held in a traditional format, starting at Wyandotte and Devonshire beginning at 5:45 p.m. sharp, something Maggie Durocher believes is a big deal. 

"We are thrilled to be back on Wyandotte for this parade. As many people will remember we did have our Canada Day parade on Wyandotte Street for years. We were just astounded at the great turnout of residents to view the parade, so we're looking forward to the same kind of turnout for the Santa Claus parade this year."

Officials say they're thrilled to be able to present a traditional parade this year, with a number of various floats, entertainment, and of course Santa and Mrs. Claus. 

Given that, Durocher says the earlier start time will help make sure everything is ready to roll.

"We are starting a little bit early to accommodate production of this parade, it is being shown locally on YourTV Windsor Leamington. So at 6 o'clock when the programming starts, we've got to make sure we've got some entries in sight. Just come out a little bit earlier and we'll be all ready to go."

There's a great variety of entries from local business, which officials believe is important to the community to give the parade an authentic local flavour. 

Anyone planning to attend the parade is asked to practice social distancing along the route, which runs Along Wyandotte from Devonshire to Alymer. 

Derocher says one of the things people will miss at this year's event is bands from the United States, but they've done what they could to try and make up for it.

"We made the theme this year 'The Music of Christmas' to make sure that everybody had some form of music with their entry to kind of make up for that."

This weekend's parade will be the second of three for the Parade Corporation this holiday season, as officials will be travelling on for the Essex BIA Santa Claus Parade next week.