Adele Tells 'Filthy' Joke When Power Is Cut During Concert


Adele fans in Australia were treated to a dirty joke on Monday after technical issues forced her to stop singing.

“So, we're having a technical difficulty. I'm not quite sure what it is. Shall I try and tell some jokes?,” Adele asked the audience in Adelaide.

"Our power has gone out under the stage, so who knows how long we're going to be doing this for.”

Adele then offered to tell “my filthy joke despite all the children here” and warned that “I might offend someone.”

Later in the show the singer explained that her band’s revolving stage caused a plug to come out, cutting power.

"I won't be revolving that stage again will I!”

Adele thanked her fans for their patience “with my absolutely useless banter.”

Oh, and the dirty joke she told? You'll have to Google it.