All Time Low Calls Sex Assault Claims 'Unequivocally False'


The members of All Time Low responded Monday to allegations of sexual misconduct with underage female fans, calling them “absolutely and unequivocally false.”

Earlier this month, a woman on TikTok claimed a “famous pop-punk band” had her on their tour bus when she was only 13 years old, offered her beer and “tried to take my bra for their nasty collection.”

Another woman set up a Twitter account – which has since been suspended for violating the platform’s rules – to accuse lead guitarist Jack Barakat of repeated sexual assaults over six years starting when she was 15. “It became nearly a nightly occurrence for him and I to get drunk, do hard drugs and for him to touch me,” she alleged in a series of posts on Oct. 24.

“I don’t care if people believe me or not anymore but need to have it out there. All Time Low is currently touring and Jack Barakat will be around young kids constantly. Please be safe.”

In its statement, All Time Low said the TikTok video contains “glaring inconsistencies in the story” and is “an outright lie.”

The band wrote: “What is being said about us is completely and utterly false. We are investigating further the source of these false accusations, and will be seeking legal recourse as we take these allegations very seriously.

“We cannot and will not fuel or amplify lies.”

All Time Low added: “It is difficult and disheartening to have to make this statement knowing that the allegations against our camp are completely unfounded and false.”

On his personal Twitter account, Barakat explained: “While the four of us wrote this statement together, I feel the need to personally refute the claims being made against me and us, as they 100% false.”

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