Amherstburg Council Supports Mega Hospital Location


Add Amherstburg to the list of municipalities in Essex County supporting the location of a new acute care hospital in Windsor-Essex.

Amherstburg Council voted Monday night to back a resolution by Lakeshore approving the location of the new mega hospital at County Rd 42 and the 9th Concession in Windsor.

Councillor Pete Courtney calls it a 'no brainer', given the easy access to the hospital by county residents.

"If this is going to be a county hospital, a mega hospital, all the residents need to have ambulatory medical care if we are all going to be contributing to it, so I think it is a no brainer to support Lakeshore's resolution."

He  says the pro-mega hospital location movement is speaking out.

"Everybody has got to be on board and it sounds like Windsor has made some attempts and I think everybody now starting to buy into it," he says.  

Courtney feels changing the location might result in the loss of government funding.

The group 'Citizens for an Accountable Mega Hospital Planning Process" is against the proposed location, and would rather it be located in the 'city core.'  It has launched an appeal of the zoning change on the land to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal

The town of Essex and Essex County Council has also backed Lakeshore's resolution